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Tooth Extraction Nesconset NY

Tooth Extraction An Overview

How Will I Know If I Need A Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction may be deemed necessary for a vast range of reasons. Keep in mind that only an experienced dentist will be able to determine if you are in need of tooth extraction.

  • The affected tooth is beyond repair
  • Dental trauma
  • A dental infection
  • Make room for a permanent tooth to erupt
  • Widespread tooth decay
  • Issues with the wisdom teeth
  • Bone loss due to gum disease

Your trusted team at Nesconset Dental Associates performs tooth extractions in the comfort of our Nesconset dentist office. We also perform wisdom teeth removal for patients who are in need of wisdom teeth extraction. For complex cases, we may refer out to an experienced local oral surgeon. After a complete dental examination, we will determine the best form of treatment for your dental health. To learn more about wisdom teeth removal or teeth extractions, contact our dental office to schedule an appointment.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Nesconset, NY

Most patients develop their wisdom teeth in their late teens through their early twenties. In some cases, wisdom teeth develop properly and do not cause any issues for the pre-existing teeth. In other cases, wisdom teeth develop inappropriately and cause dysfunction for the rest of the smile. If your wisdom teeth cause one or more of the following dental conditions, we may recommend the removal of one or more of your wisdom teeth.

  • The wisdom tooth eruption leads to overcrowding
  • Leads to an infection
  • Tooth or jaw pain due to wisdom teeth
  • Impacted wisdom tooth
  • Erupts crooked or sideways
  • Causes an increased risk of tooth decay

If problematic wisdom teeth are not properly removed, it can lead to a wide range of painful or uncomfortable dental health issues. Sometimes extracting the wisdom teeth is the best solution to help alleviate your dental concerns and restore health to your smile.

To determine if you need your wisdom teeth removed, your dentist will examine your smile and take x-rays of the teeth to determine the location and condition of your teeth. If the x-rays indicate dysfunction in the wisdom teeth, we will determine if extraction or another form of treatment is plausible.

Our focus is to remove the wisdom teeth safely and ensure you are comfortable and fully informed throughout all aspects of your dental care. Most extractions are performed under a form of dental sedation we offer a complete range of sedation dentistry options to ensure you are relaxed, comfortable and safe throughout all aspects of your treatment.

The recovery process after your extraction is crucial for your dental health. Following your aftercare instructions can help minimize your risk of complication and create a faster recovery.

Tooth Extraction What to Expect

The specifics of your tooth extraction will depend on your unique needs. Your Nesconset dentist will explain all aspects of your care prior to your treatment. We offer a full range of sedation dentistry options to keep your comfortable and at ease during your appointment. We will explore your options and recommend the best form of dental sedation for your needs.

In many cases, tooth extraction is completed during one visit to our office. For complex cases, we may refer you to a local oral surgeon. Most simple tooth extractions are performed by one of our experienced dentists.

Replacing Extracted Teeth

Wisdom teeth do not need to be replaced; however, if a permanent tooth is extracted, it most likely will need a replacement tooth.

We offer a range of tooth replacement options for patients missing one or several teeth. Depending on your needs, we may recommend dental implants, a dental bridge, or dentures. We will work with you to determine which type of tooth replacement is right for you.